2004 NBA Draft Round 2
Anderson Varejao, Forward, Brazil
Jackson Vroman, Forward, Iowa State
Peter John Ramos, Center, Puerto Rico
Lionel Chalmers, Guard, Xavier
Donta Smith, Guard, Southeastern Illinois College
Andre Emmett, Guard, Texas Tech
Antonio Burks, Guard, Memphis
Royal Ivey, Guard, Texas
Chris Duhon, Guard, Duke
Albert Miralles, Forward, Spain
Justin Reed, Forward, Mississippi
David Young, Guard, North Carolina Central
Viktor Sanikidze, Forward, Republic of Georgia
Trevor Ariza, Forward, UCLA
Tim Pickett, Guard, Florida State
*# 31 - Chicago traded Jackson Vroman to Phoenix with cash and a future first-round pick for Luol Deng.

*# 33 - The L.A. Clippers traded  2004 first round pick (#2-Emeka Okafor) to Bobcats for 2004 first round pick (#4-Shaun Livingston), 2004 second round pick (#33-Lionel Chalmers), Bobcats promise to select Predrag Drobnjak in expansion draft on 6/2104.

*# 35 - The Seattle Sonics traded Predrag Drobnjak to Clippers for second round pick (2004 #35-Andre Emmett).

*# 36 - The Orlando Magic traded Donnell Harvey to the Suns for 2004 second round pick (#36-Antonio Burks) on 12/23/03 via Orlando receives Phoenix's 2004 second-round pick on 12/23/03.

*# 37 - The Atlanta Hawks traded Efthimios Rentzias to 76ers for 2004 second round pick (#37-Royal Ivey), 2006 second round pick (#42-Daniel Gibson) on 6/26/02.

*# 38 - The Chicago Bulls traded Matt Bonner to Raptors for second round pick (2004 #38-Chris Duhon) on 6/23/03.

*# 39 - The Toronto Raptors traded Michael Stewart, first round pick (top 17 protected in 2005, top 16 protected in 2006, top 15 protected in 2007, top 15 protected in 2008) (2007 #22-Jared Dudley) to Cavaliers for Lamond Murray, 2003 or 2004 second round pick (2004 #39-Albert Miralles) on 9/25/02.  Albert Miralles traded to Miami for Pape Sow and a future second-round pick.

*# 42 - The 76ers traded Jiri Welsch to Warrors for draft pick (2004 #42-Viktor Sanikidze), 2005 first round pick (top 8 protected in 05, top 5 protected in 06) (2005 #16-Joey Graham) on 6/26/02 via the Magic traded 2004 second round pick (not exercised?), cash to 76ers for Monty Williams, conditional second round pick (2004 #42-Viktor Sanikidze), cash on 23/23/03 via the Hawks traded Anthony Johnson to Magic for 2000-2004 (Magic option) second round pick (any team's) (2004 #42-Viktor Sanikidze) on 2/24/2000.

*# 45 - The Charlotte Bobcats traded Zaza Pachulia to the Bucks for 2004 second round pick (#45-Bernard Robinson) on 2004-06-23.

*# 47 -  The Miami Heat traded Pape Sow  to Toronto with a future second-round pick for Albert Miralles.

*# 48 - The Sacramento Kings traded Keon Clark, second round pick (2004 #55-Luis Flores), 2006 or 2007 second round pick (2007 #39-Stanko Barac) to Jazz for future second round pick (#48-Ricky Minard) on 8/5/03.

*# 49 -  The Orlando Magic traded Don Reid, future draft considerations  to the Nuggets for future second round pick (#49-Sergei Lishouk) on 8/1/02 via the Grizzlies traded Drew Gooden, Gordan Giricek, cash to Magic for Mike Miller, Ryan Humphrey, future first round pick (2003 #27-Kendrick Perkins), 2004 second round pick (#49-Sergei Lishouk) on 2/19/03.

*# 50 - The Denver Nuggets traded James Posey in a 3-team trade with 76ers, Rockets for Art Long, Mark Bryant, 76ers 2005 first round pick (top 8 protected in 05, top 5 protected in 06) (#16-Joey Graham), Rockets 2004 second round pick (#50-Vassilis Spanoulis) on 12/18/02 via the Mavericks traded Yuyang Xue to Nuggets for second round pick (2004 #50-Vassilis Spanoulis) on 6/26.03.

*# 52 - The San Antonio Spurs traded Gordan Giricek to Grizzlies for 2004 second round pick (#52-Romain Sato), cash on 6/28/02.

*# 53- The Miami Heat traded Tim Hardaway to Mavericks for 2003 or 2004 second round pick (Mavericks option) (2004 #53-Matt Freije), trade exception on 8/22/01

*# 55- The Houston Rockets receive a 2004 Utah second-round pick and a conditional second-round pick as part of the Glen Rice trade  via Utah receives a Sacramento second-round pick Keon Clark trade. Luis Flores was traded to Miami with cash for Vassilis Spanoulis.

1st Round of the 2004 NBA Draft
Bernard Robinson, Forward, Michigan
Ha Seung-Jin, Center, South Korea
Pape Sow, Forward, Fullerton State
Ricky Minard, Guard, Morehead State
Sergei Lishouk, Forward, Russia
Vassilis Spanoulis, Guard, Greece
Christian Drejer, Forward, Spain
Romain Sato, Guard, Xavier
Matt Freije, Forward, Vanderbilt
    Rickey Paulding, Guard, Missouri
Luis Flores, Guard, Manhattan
Marcus Douthit, Forward, Providence
Sergei Karaulov, Center, Russia
Blake Stepp, Guard, Gonzaga
    Rashad Wright, Guard, Republic of Georgia