2008 NBA Draft Round 2
*#31 The Minnesota Timberwolves receive Miami's 2008 second-round pick from Boston via the Ricky Davis trade on 1/26/06. Boston acquired via Miami from the Antoine Walker trade on 8/2/05.

*#32 The Pistons receive the SuperSonics second-round pick as part of the D.J. White trade.

*#33 The Portland Trail Blazers receive Memphis' 2008 second-round pick via the Alexander Johnson trade on 6/28/06.Houston recieves the right to Joey Dorsey.

*#34 Minnesota sends rights to Mario Chalmers (34th overall pick) to Miami for two future second-round picks.

*#36 The Portland Trail Blazers receives New York's 2008 second-round pick via the Demetris Nichols trade on 6/28/07. Portland sends the right for Omer Asik to the Bulls for three furture second-round picks.

*#39 Bulls trade draft rights to Sonny Weems to Denver for the Nuggets' 2009 second-round pick.

*#41 The Pacers receive Toronto's second-round pick as part of the Jermaine O'Neal Trade

*#42 The Sacramento Kings receive Atlanta's 2008 second-round pick via the Mike Bibby trade on 2/16/08

*#44 The Utah Jazz receive Philadelphia's 2008 second-round pick conditionally via 60th pick trade on 6/7/05.

*#45 The San Antonio Spurs receive Toronto's 2008 second-round pick via the Georges Printizis trade on 2/23/06. The Spurs get the draft rights to Malik Hairston, a future second-round pick and cash considerations from Phoenix for the rights to Goran Dragic.

*#46 The Seattle SuperSonics receive Portland's second-round pick as part of the Sebastian Telfair trade via Boston as part of the Ray Allen trade. The Pistons receive the SuperSonics second-round pick via the D.J. White trade

*#47 The Boston Celtics receive the rights to Bill Walker and Cash Considerations.

*#48 The Phoenix Suns receive Cleveland's 2008 second-round pick as part of the Milt Palacio trade on 9/17/02.

*#50 The Seattle SuperSonics receive Denver's 2008 second-round pick as part of the Earl Watson trade on 2/23/06.

*#52 The Miami Heat receove Orlando's second-round pick as part of the hiring of Stan Van Gundy as Orlando's head coach. The Miami Heat get a future second-round pick in exchange for sending the draft rights to 52nd pick (Darnell Jackson) to the Cavs.

*#55 The Portland Trail Blazers receive Phoenix's second-round pick as part of the James White trade via Indiana as part of the James Jones trade. The Clippers receive the rights to Mike Taylor for a second-round pick. in 2009

*#56 The Seattle SuperSonics receive New Orleans' second-round pick as part of the Carl Landry trade via Houston as part of the Bobby Jackson trade.

College: Serbia                     Position: PF/C
Height : 6'11"                         Weight: 245

College: UAB                  Position: PF
Height : 6'9"                     Weight: 245

College: Memphis          Position: PF/C
Height : 6'9"                     Weight: 265

College: Kansas                 Position: PG
Height : 6'1"                        Weight: 195

College: Texas A&M          Position: C
Height : 7'0"                         Weight: 240

College: Turkey                     Position: C
Height : 6'11"                         Weight: 230

College: UCLA                     Position: SF
Height : 6'7"                          Weight: 215

College: Washington St.     Position: SG/SF
Height : 6'6"                          Weight: 230

College: Arkansas              Position: SF
Height : 6'6"                         Weight: 203

College: Memphis                 Position: SG/SF
Height : 6'7"                           Weight: 200

College: Australia                 Position: PF/C
Height : 6'10"                          Weight: 270

College: Virginia              Position: PG
Height : 6'0"                       Weight: 185

College: Georgetown        Position: SF/PF
Height : 6'8"                        Weight: 240

College: Croatia                Position: C
Height : 7'2"                       Weight: 235

College: Slovenia              Position: PG
Height: 6'4"                        Weight: 180

College: BYU                 Position: PF/C
Height : 6'11"                  Weight: 245

College: Kansas State          Position: SG
Height : 6'6"                           Weight: 235

College: Oregon                   Position: SG/SF
Height : 6'6"                          Weight: 220

College: Alabama              Position: PF
Height: 6'9"                        Weight: 225

College: California             Position: PF/C
Height : 6'11"                       Weight: 250

College: Vanderbilt              Position: SG/SF
Height : 6'6"                           Weight: 205

College: Kansas                    Position: PF
Height: 6'8"                            Weight: 250

College: Serbia                     Position: PF
Height: 6'9"                           Weight: 222

College: Oregon                   Position: SF/PF
Height : 6'9"                          Weight: 220

College: (NBDL)            Position: PG
Height : 6'2"                    Weight: 160

College: Kansas              Position: PF/C
Height : 6'11"                   Weight: 250

College: Maryland            Position: PF
Height : 6'8"                       Weight: 235

College: Kentucky             Position: SG/SF
Height : 6'4"                        Weight: 210

College: Virginia Tech.      Position: SG/SF
Height : 6'7"                         Weight: 205

College: Turkey                 Position: C
Height : 7'1"                        Weight: 240

1st Round of the 2008 NBA Draft