2010 First Round Playoff Recap
Eastern Conference
1. Cleveland Cavaliers vs. 8. Chicago Bulls

In the Eastern conference playoffs, King James and his Cavaliers played the Chicago Bulls in the first round. The Bulls had no chance of containing LeBron James and lost to Cleveland in 5 games. There are many questions surrounding the health of LeBron James but, he seems determined to win a ring. The Cavaliers hope to have another easy series as they take on the Boston Celtics and their big three.
2. Orlando Magic vs. 7. Charlotte Bobcats

The Orlando Magic was the only team to sweep another team in the first round of the playoffs. Dwight Howard was in foul trouble for much of the series but still easily defeated the Charlotte Bobcats. The Magic used the 3-ball to defeat MJ and his Bobcats. Orlando will need to continue shooting well in order to win the next series and make it to the conference finals. The Magic will also need there star Center Dwight Howard to stay on the court and out of foul trouble.
3. Atlanta Hawks vs. 6. Milwaukee Bucks

This series in the first round of the playoffs was  the most competitive. The Atlanta Hawks who are led by Joe Johnson and Josh Smith were knotted at 3 games a piece with the Milwaukee Bucks. The Hawks won the first two games of the series but then went on to lose the next three. The Hawks tied the series up at 3 games all. The Bucks were easily defeated in the 7th and deciding game of the series. Veteran Jamal Crawford and Center Al Horford carried the Hawks into the next round of the playoffs.
4. Boston Celtics vs. 5. Miami Heat

In the fourth series of the Eastern conference playoffs, the Miami Heat took on the Boston Celtics. The Heat did not present much of a challenge to the Boston Celtics. The Celtics defeated the Heat in five games to advance to the next round. The Celtics will have to face LeBron James and his Cavs' in the next round and will have a much harder time winning the series. The Celtics used Ray Allen carry them to a victory in game 5 vs. the Heat and Paul Pierce hitting a buzzer beater in game 3. They will need more of these heroics if they want to defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Western Conference
1. Los Angeles Lakers vs. 8. Oklahoma City Thunder

The first round matchup of the defending NBA champions, the L.A. Lakers vs. the young and talented Oklahoma City Thunder was an intriguing matchup. The Lakers are led by the zen master/head coach Phil Jackson. On the court, Superstar and future hall of famer, Kobe Bryant led his team to victory over the Thunder in 6 Games. Oklahoma's Kevin Durant, led the league in scoring during the regular season, but just didn't have enough to shock the defending NBA champions. The Lakers won the first two games of the series at home and then went to Oklahoma where they lost games 3 and 4 to the Thunder. The Lakers won game 5 and 6. In game 6, the Thunder were one box out away on Lakers big man Pau Gasol from taking the series to a 7th and deciding game. The Lakers will now face the Utah Jazz in the next round.
2. Dallas Mavericks vs. 7. San Antonio Spurs

Another matchup in the Western conference playoffs was the San Antonio Spurs vs. the Dallas Mavericks. The spurs have a talented team and were projected by many before the season started to win the finals. They did not disappoint, they defeated the Dallas Mavericks in 6 games. Dallas' All-Star Forward Dirk Nowitzki is now contemplating becoming a free agent this off-season after being upset by the Spurs in round one.  The experience and youth of the Spurs were just too much for the Mavericks to handle. The Spurs will now have to battle it out with the Suns in the next round of the playoffs.
3. Phoenix Suns vs. 6. Portland Trailblazers

The third matchup in the Western conference playoffs was the Portland Trail Blazers vs. the Phoenix Suns. Just like the two other series, this series was decided in 6 games. The Blazers had a nice surprise when Brandon Roy surprised the world and was able to come back from an injury to play in this series. Roy did not have his usual game to match up with the up-tempo suns. The Suns won in six games with a combination of 50 points by veterans Amare Stoudemire and Jason Richardson. The Suns will now have to take on the Spurs in the conference Semi-finals.
4. Denver Nuggets vs. 5. Utah Jazz

The Denver Nuggets took on the Utah jazz in the 4th series of the Western conference playoffs. This series followed suit and took six games to decide the outcome of the series. The Utah Jazz and Carlos Boozer were just too much for Carmelo Anthony and the Nuggets to handle. The Utah Jazz now has the daunting task of taking on the #1 Seeded Lakers. Too make the task more difficult, Deron Williams is now questionable to play in game one of the series.