#22 Alex Poythress | F

Hometown: Clarksville, TN

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 230

Position: Small Forward

Team: Kentucky

Class: Senior

Right-handed… At 6'7" and a muscular 220 pound frame, Poythress has great size for a wing and appears to still be growing. He is physical like a power forward, but smooth enough to play guard…He is a riser in his class as he continues to better his jumper. He is more comfortable spotting-up for a jumper and letting it fly as opposed to creating his own shot, but overall, he would still prefer to play from inside 15 feet with his ability to get to the basket. His shot is looking fluid and smooth with decent range out to 22 feet. He finds space well playing off the ball and always has his hands ready to kick-outs or dump-downs from his guards or Poythress has developed a solid comfortability to put the ball on the floor and take it to the rim himself. He can use a shot-fake and take one or two dribbles and finish well above the rim… Poythress has very good athleticism and is an explosive leaper off the floor to finish alley-oops or sky above defenders for rebounds. Along with his frame, he can finish easily with contact and loves to finish with power in the lane.

Poythress is one-dimensional and desperately needs to keep his head up and search out teammates, which in turn will help him. Mentally, he still isn't there in terms of his aggressive approach. He avoids contact on his penetration and almost-refuses to hit the glass despite his size and athleticism. Too often he displays little-to-no-effort… His jumper still has an inconsistent release from time-to-time, but it's much smoother at this point in his career… Poythress is much more of a threat slashing into the paint than he is pulling-up for a jumper, so defenders can play him that way until he shows he is a consistent threat shooting the ball. When he does put it on the floor, he tends to put his head down and take it strong, making him susceptible to charging calls… Poythress leaks out as often as he can trying to get some easy buckets, but leaves his team short-handed if they don't corral the rebound…He needs to improve his overall skill set, especially offensively. He doesn't handle the ball all that well with his left hand and with his physical profile, he would diversify his scoring if he had some low-post skills. But his biggest obstacle is transitioning from the power forward-prototype that he is into a full-time small forward.
The Scouting Report: