#23 Allen Crabbe | G

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA     

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 205

Position: Shooting Guard

Team: California

Class: Junior

Right-handed… Crabbe is developing into a very solid offensive talent with his decision-making and efficiency shooting the basketball. He is as accurate as they come spotting-up  with deep range out to 23-24 feet. Crabbe sports a quick-release and comfortable using a step-back move to create space on his perimeter. He uses a shot-fake with one or two dribbles well to separate and then pull-up off the dribble…  Instead of settling for his perimeter jumpers, Crabbe is becoming more willing to put the ball on the floor and attack the rim more often… With the ball in his hands, he is an unselfish player and a solid passer who doesn't force the issue or turn the ball over very often; he takes what the defense gives him.

Crabbe is listed at 6'5"/6'6", but in actuality is closer to 6'4", but he is most definitely still growing… Crabbe is still developing as an offensive talent, but won't hit that next level until he improves his ball-handling and thus his ability to create his own shot off the dribble…  Crabbe needs to add polish to his defensive skills, but is limited by his average quickness. He does not slide his feet very well, nor does he stay in his stance in his on-ball-defense… Crabbe needs to finish better through contact with his bulk and strength.
The Scouting Report: