#23 Anthony Davis | F

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Height: 6'10"

Weight: 220

Position: Power Forward

Team: Kentucky

Class: Freshman


Right-handed… Davis has an unbelievable gift in that of a rare combination of tremendous length (freakish 7'4"-7'5" wingspan) and ridiculous athleticism. While he is raw, he is able to utilize his physical attributes the best that he can at this stage of his career as a dynamic shot-blocker and finisher at the rim. He has the intensity to fight bigger post players in the blocks and he is gets pushed around due to his lack of strength/weight, Davis has this shot-blocking ability to still make a play; he has excellent quickness to recover from a play (if he gets pushed out of position). But he isn't just a shot-blocker, he keeps his arms up on defense pretty much at all times, contesting shots, passes, everything alike, making life quite difficult on his offensive player… He is an explosive leaper, getting up and snatching the ball at its apex to make rebounding plays well above the rim. On the offensive end, Davis chases down potential second-chance opportunities with his quickness and length… Offensively, Davis has a future playing all over the floor. He has solid ball skills, slowly becoming more comfortable handling the ball in limited situations, but he has a nice looking jump shot with touch to finish plays away from the rim. But what makes him even more dangerous is his passing abilties. He is an outlet in transition, a pressure-release when being pressed, he can find cutters in the low blocks or face-up in the high-post… His energy is fantastic. It helps him cover immeasurable ground in split seconds chasing down loose balls, getting out in transition or soar for rebounds.

Davis has unbelievable potential and still untapped in so many areas. We'd love to see much more from him in the offensive game going forward. Using his length for baby hook shots and facing-up for short jumpers in the post. Using his guard-abilities to draw his man away from the rim and knock down a mid-range jumper or hit the cutting in the passing lanes. He has ability, but seldom gets the chance to play in pick-and-pop situations… The biggest weakness right now is his weight/strength. He cans pushed off the blocks on offense quite easily and is forced out of prime rebounding position as well. When he does get the ball, which is quite often, he has a tendency to bring the ball down, enabling guards to scrape down on him, instead of chinning it and keeping it right… He has a weak base, causing him to fall all over the place and does not allow him to get the operating room he would need in the post… Sometimes he just runs through the motions of the offense, never really paying attention to where the ball is, just worrying about where the next screen is that he will set. With more experience and offensive aggressiveness, this will change.
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