#10 Archie Goodwin | G

Hometown: Little Rock, AR

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 198

Position: Shooting Guard

Team: Kentucky

Class: Freshman

Right-handed… Goodwin is a very good athlete with size, capable of being one of the first wings off the board when he departs Kentucky for the Draft. He stands about 6'5", but looks even bigger than that due to his wingspan and thin frame. Although his athleticism is surely the first thing of note, Goodwin is a balanced and potentially dominant scorer at the collegiate level. Quick catch-and-shoot wing prospect with excellent range out to 24-feet. He steps into his shot and is seemingly always ready for the pass and shot. From here, Goodwin utilizes his shot to set-up his slashing to the rim. Without a top-tier first step, Goodwin has a nice mixture of a jab-step, low rip-through and quick crossover to create separation between himself and his man. He has the ability to finish above the rim, even in traffic or the finesse to finger roll the ball in over the front of the iron. But what has Goodwin so high in our rankings is his ability to also score in that 12-17 foot range as well with a smooth pull-up off the dribble. Sure, we'd like him to not fade as much, but if it comes with the high rate of success, although against inferior athletes, we will take it.

Goodwin losses focus too often on both ends of the floor. Defensively, he has the tools to be a very solid defender, but he rarely gets low in his stance, slides his feet and locks down mentality. To compensate, he takes plenty of risks jumping out in the passing lanes or going for a highlight block or steal, creating contact and fouling in the process… Offensively, Goodwin needs plenty of work with his handle to better create for himself and others off the bounce. He has the tools, but needs to tighten his moves to get better separation, specially off the pull-up when he would no-longer have to fade… He needs to hit the weight room to put up at least 10-15 pounds before the Draft, if not more.
The Scouting Report: