#0 Austin Rivers | G

Hometown: Winter Park, FL

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 200

Position: Shooting Guard

Team: Duke

Class: Freshman


Right-handed… Rivers is one of the most prolific offensive players in the 2011 class- he possesses an unlimited arsenal that is highlighted by an unrelenting attack of deep jumpers, an excellent mid-range game and the ability to penetrate and finish at the rim. Rivers has range out to 28 feet and keeps defenders off balance with a jab-step that can create the right amount of space to get a quick release off or enough room to put the ball on the floor and cross his man up and attack the basket. In the lane, he has a soft touch on his floater to place it over even an athletic, shot-blocking big… With the ball in his hands on the perimeter, Rivers has the confidence, court vision and poise to read the defense, take what they give him, whether its his own offensive move, setting up a teammate or handling the double-team and finding the open man… He is a skilled ball-handler, using a combination of patience and some well-seasoned ball moves to make a killing…

As one of the most hyped high school players in the country last year, we had plenty opportunities to analyze Rivers' game- he is a good, but not great athlete and has decent, but not NBA-level size for a shooting guard… He has earned a tremendous amount of accolades for his offensive game, but Rivers still could get even better. He attacks right almost all the time, and when he does attack with his left hand, he seems to lack the same aggressiveness; he rarely takes the ball to the rim when attacking with his left, instead, he prefers to only put the ball on the floor for one or two dribbles and pull-up or step-back. Rivers will need to further develop his left-hand and become more comfortable with it… As a defender, Rivers often becomes too relaxed while playing off the ball, making him an easy target for blind-sided screen or he will simply fall out of position. Playing on the ball or in the passing lanes, Rivers tends to gamble too much at times…
The Scouting Report:
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