#11 B.J. Young | G

Hometown: Saint Louis, MO

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 175

Position: Point Guard

Team: Arkansas

Class: Sophomore

Right-handed… Young is a combo-guard by definition but has all the abilities to both score the basketball and distribute as well. He can play both on and off the ball and is always in attack mode of the offensive end. Young is tremendous with the ball in his hands, where he uses an explosive first step to get by his defender in scoring position or setting up a spotting-up teammate. He can pull-up off the dribble in the mid-range or put a soft touch on his floater in the paint. If he is playing off the ball, he can spot-up and knock down the open 3 as well… In terms of playing more of a floor general, Young sees the floor well, keeping his head up and taking what the defense gives him and then creating off of that…

The most glaring need in Young's game is improvement to his jump shot. He is as inconsistent as they come from behind the arc, where he is a streaky shooter- he can put up a lot of points in short bursts, or he could struggle with several misses in a row. Not only is his shot-selection questionable at times, but as is his decision-making all around. He plays at such a high speed that has a tendency to throw the ball away or put-up an ill-timed shot. Young plays high-risk, high-reward defense- using his quickness to gamble in the passing lanes, leaving a 5-on-4 opportunity for the opponent. If he can curb his instincts to gamble, and use his length and quickness to harness the opposing ball-handler, Young could be a very solid defender…
The Scouting Report: