Hometown:Clubumbas, Katanga, Congo

Height: 6'9"

Weight: 243

Position: Power Forward

Team: Fuenlabrada

Class: 1992

Bismack Biyombo | F

Right handed… Here's a guy who's quietly been moving up our draft boards. He's an excellent athlete with pretty good size to be a power forward at the next level- think couple of inches shorts, but comparable to Serge Ibaka of the Thunder. He's young and underdeveloped offensively, but can make an impact at the next level defensively in a year or so. He has some freakishly arms and an explosive, quick vertical leap that allows him to get off the floor and alter shots on the defensive end or rebound shots and put home put-backs. His huge wingspan has scouts excited about what he can do at the level once he improves his skill set… He has a nice, wide and chiseled frame who shows surprisingly strength for his age. He uses his upper body leverage to keep his defender behind him in the low or high post. If he does get the ball in a stationary positioning on the blocks, he looks to uses his quickness with a spin baseline or one or two-dribbles into the middle of the paint for a lay-in. He has shown the ability to knock down a 12-foot jump shot, but not on a consistent basis to be considered a threat. Even offensively without a developed game, Biuombo moves well without the ball and basically keeps diving or rolling to the rim in hopes to get the ball lobbed to him or passed off the cut for a lay-in. He does have a knack for finding the open space on offense. He's simply a quick, very raw athlete- one of the better ones we've seen out of a 4-man this year.

Biyombo is only about 6'7", but plays larger- we're hoping that his athleticism and long arms make up for some of that, but there's no doubt that when he gets measured out, his stock will take a hit… He's still a relative unproven commodity- playing just 14 minutes a game and averaging about 4 points and 5 rebounds. Because of the hype surrounding his athleticism and SportsCenter-like blocks, his stock is soaring, but it's also because we know relatively little about him. He is only 18 years old at the moment though… He needs to put in hours upon hours of work on the offensive end of his game. He's very underdeveloped to the point where he is really only a threat on offensive rebounds and in transition… When he gets the ball in the low blocks, he looks to just go. He never checks the defense to see where they are playing him. He doesn't use his length to his advantage- it would be much more efficient for him to seal off the defender with one drop step and go straight up, but he's never been taught the intricacies of playing the post… He'll need to develop a handle to take the ball outside to 10-12 feet, especially with his lack of size, and a mid-range jumper to match.
The Scouting Report: