What To Watch For In the 2010 Free Agency:

4. Sign-and-Trades

        There could be multiple sign-and-trade deals building up in the near future so that some of these free agents can sign maximum contracts with their current team (and therefore picking up an extra-year and $30 million in the process), and then being traded to the destination of their choice for some prospects/picks in return. The Cavaliers have said that Cleveland will not partake in a sign-and-trade deal with LeBron James, but the Toronto Raptors on the other hand, have brought up the idea of a sign-and-trade with Chris Bosh in order to get some return pieces as Bosh also picks up that extra year and cash. Dallas, Houston are two potential trade partners.

3. The Week of July 5th

        Rumor has it that LeBron James would like his free agency situation settled by the week of July 5th. If he signs next week, the dominos behind him will fall into place quite rapidly.

2. LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade

        Some say the three are intent on playing together, while others say James and Bosh are a two-person package deal. Each member of this trio wants to win a title and their best chances could be playing together, as what could be, the best threesome in NBA history. Look for Miami, Chicago and New Jersey to continue to shed salaries via salary dumping and trades over the new days to make room for the ability to sign multiple maximum value players.

1. After LeBronů

        With several teams clearing salary space for two free agents and their max contracts, it should be interesting to see what players pair up and end up on the same roster at the end of this. There are ten big name unrestricted free agents and another three or four in the restricted free agent market, so it's quite possible two stars can end up together next season. Chicago, Miami, New Jersey and New York are four destinations that are clearing room for multiple free agents.

By President Corey Ruff - 7-1-10