Pacers Trounce Nuggets By Way of Dominating Third Quarter

        Looking over the daily box scores, you expect to see some standout performances and some "upsets", but its an 82-game season so all is not lost. However, tonight's blog is inspired by the shock I experienced when I saw the Indiana Pacers routed the Denver Nuggets 144-113. Big score. Lots of offense. When I looked into the box and the play-by-play a bit more, it was a 20-for-21 from the field blazing outburst that turned a 10-point halftime lead into a 37-point debacle. The Pacers missed a mere eight shots from the field in the second-half and shot nearly 65% on the game!

        As much of a testament this is to Indiana's once-in-a-lifetime hot shooting, it's not like Denver played poorly. They turned the ball over just ten times in the contest. They connected on 44% of their shots from the field, including eight 3s. Even better, they made their way to the free-throw 30 times and connected on 27 attempts. Any other night, any other shooting performance and Denver leaves town with a "W", but tonight, they take home a jaw-dropping check in the loss column.

By President Corey Ruff - 11-10-10