Bubbles Burst - Colorado Buffaloes

        Freshly expanded to 68, this year's field isn't without controversy. Colorado, with all of their Top-50 wins, didn't make it. They swept Kansas State three times, knocked off Texas and Missouri in Big 12 play. It's a little bit shocking that a team like the Buffaloes didn't make it over a VCU (seven conference losses) or even UAB (only played one game against a ranked team).

        If the selection committee was supposed to take the 37 best teams with their at-large selections, how did UAB make the field? I can't even think about making an argument on why they should make the field. This team isn't accomplished (zero Top 50 wins), but are in the tournament in place of a Colorado team with six Top 50 wins.

By President Corey Ruff - 3-13-11