NABC All-Star Game Rosters Announced

        Rosters for the NABC All-Star game were announced yesterday afternoon; giving way to the feeling that draft season is upon us. 20 seniors, including several first and second round draft prospects will suit up for the East and West squads as we preview some of the players:

West All-Star Roster

Kenneth Faried, Forward, Morehead State

Faried is the best prospect in the game and the only first-round talent. He has an endless motor and the anticipation to grab any ball coming off the rim, making him the best rebounder in the country. His wingspan makes up for his lack of ideal size as does his explosive leaping abilities.

Projection: Late lottery - Mid-first round

Andrew Goudelock, Guard, College of Charleston

His size is holding back his draft stock, but his perimeter shooting rivals that of Jimmer Fredette for the country's best range. Defenses must play him for his lethal 3-point shot, giving him an advantage with his quick first step to get into the lane for a runner or even a pull-up jumper. If he showed more promise as a distributor, Goudelock's stock would be higher.

Projection: 2nd Round - Undrafted

Kalin Lucas, Guard, Michigan State

The super quick point guard uses his ability to change speeds to slice through defenses and score in the paint or distribute to teammates. Unfortunately, his size (under six-foot), lack of strength (listed at 180, but probably closer to 170-ish), and lack of NBA-caliber athleticism is holding him back. He has textbook shooting form to complement his penetration game and can run a team to boast.

Projection: Late 2nd Round - Undrafted

Malcolm Thomas, Forward, San Diego State

Thomas has NBA-size and athleticism for a 4-man showing an ability to score around the rim, rebound in traffic and even handle the ball a bit. He is lacking a bit in the strength department and could afford to put on another 15 pounds or so to bang with the bigs at the next level and will also need to develop a consistent mid-range jumper. Defensively, Thomas can impact the game with some solid hops that allow him to crash the glass and alter shots.

Projection: Undrafted (Summer camp invite)

Mickey McConnell, Guard, Saint Mary's

McConnell shows a Steve Nash-like game, not possessing intimidating athletic ability or the size to impose his will, but he's a smooth player with the ability to weave in and out of defenses and score with an assortment of floaters and runner or knock down pull-up jumpers with range. He's a pass-first point guard and still a legitimate threat to score, but who can he guard? He'll get blown by, posted up and scored on every which way.

Projection: Undrafted (Summer camp invite)

Rest of the roster:

Gary Johnson, Forward, Texas
Cameron Jones, Guard, Northern Arizona
Alex Stepheson, Forward, USC
Tristan Thompson, Guard, North Texas
Tai Wesley, Forward, Utah State

East All-Star Roster

Jimmy Butler, Guard-Forward, Marquette

At 6'7", Butler is one of the more versatile players, but really makes his mark on the defensive end where he proved to be a lockdown defender late in the season. His long arms and fiery competitiveness has made life tough for opposing scorers. On the offensive end, Butler can do it all- score on the low blocks, knock down mid-range jumpers and is developing consistency from 3-point range.

Projection: 2nd Round

Jacob Pullen, Guard, Kansas State

Pullen is more of an undersized shooting guard than he is any type of point guard, but he presents to be an attractive NBA prospect with his deep range on his jumper, leadership and ability to get to the foul line. His ability to will his team to victory or put his teammates on his shoulders is a daunting task, but one Pullen did often. His emotional NCAA Tournament loss to Wisconsin will make a positive mark with NBA personnel.

Projection: 2nd Round - Undrafted

Lavoy Allen, Forward, Temple

Talk about a player failing to live up to expectations, Allen is a poster child. He doesn't have the aggressive makeup to take over games as a player with his size and skill set should. He has a solid junior campaign and seemed to be putting things together and we all expected a breakout year for the defensive workhorse. Instead, Allen refined his game for scouts to see- more comfortable shooting 10-12 foot jumpers than he was banging in the post.

Projection: Late 2nd Round - Undrafted

Brad Wanamaker, Guard, Pittsburgh

Wanamaker flies under the radar on a Pitt team known for Ashton Gibbs' outside shooting, Gilbert Brown's athleticism and a plethora of low-post bangers, but he's the best of the bunch. There are few players that can do everything Wanamaker can- lead a team playing either guard spot (2.2-to-1 assist-to-turnover ratio, 5.1 assists per game), rebound (5.2 boards) and shoot the rock. He isn't a great athlete, but has the size and high basketball IQ to impress teams.

Projection: Late 2nd Round - Undrafted

Dwight Hardy, Guard, St. John's

Undersized, yes. Older than his classmates at 23 years old, check. But this 2-guard can really score the basketball and was one of the big reasons behind St. John's rise in the Big East conference this season. He causes chaos with defenses with his attacking nature, creating off the dribble and getting to the foul-line or pulling-up for a deep jumper.

Projection: Undrafted (Summer camp invite)

Rest of the roster:

Mike Davis, Forward, Illinois
Austin Freeman, Guard, Georgetown
Gary McGhee, Center, Pittsburgh
Vlad Moldoveanu, Forward, American
Chris Warren, Guard, Ole Miss

By President Corey Ruff - 3-30-11