Standout Shooter: Andrew Goudelock, College of Charleston

       Goudelock, the outstanding shooting guard from College of Charleston, is making the highlight reel with his deep perimeter jumper yet again, this time, in preparation for the NBA Draft. We spoke to one scout after the New Jersey Nets workout this weekend and apparently the 6'2" guard was particularly impressive and rarely missing from the outside. The senior shot 40.7 percent from behind the arc this year, knocking down 116 3s in the regular-season, second-best in the nation. His 23.4 points per game (3.4 made 3s per game) ranked fifth in the country.

        Goudelock's tools, despite being undersized at 6'2", will lead him to be a second-round pick this year and a key role player off the bench. Like aforementioned, he is a big-time shooter, with unbelievable range out to 26-27 feet with consistency and that alone will help him get his shot off at the next level. With defenses keying in on him in the SoCon, he has become even more adept at putting the ball on the floor, especially by way of his shot-fake, to get into the lane and finish with a floater or dumping down to his big man or kicking the ball out to another perimeter shooter. He can be shifty with the ball in his hands, but is still best when playing for his own shot- he'll use a shot fake or jab to create the tiniest bit of space- all he needs to let his quick trigger go and get his shot off. But because of his size, his penetration will become less efficient and he will need to rely on step-backs and off-balance floaters even more so than he already does.

By President Corey Ruff - 5-14-11