The Nikola Mirotic Situation

       Small forward Nikola Mirotic ranks fifth on our Big Board in terms of European prospects and currently sits in the range of 15-25 on draft night. That's if he even stays in this draft.

        We're very high on the forward from Montenegro. Mirotic has excellent size at 6'10" with a 7'1" wingspan and has put on a notable amount of muscle over the last year or so. His size and strength allows him to bang a bit down low, but is most comfortable as a small forward or stretch-the-floor 4-man. He is an excellent perimeter shooter with deep range and also the ability to put the ball on the floor and take it to the basket which makes him even more dangerous. Mirotic still needs to continue to add strength, which should benefit him as a rebounder at the next level as well, something he isn't too keen on currently. But the aspect most damaging to Mirotic's stock is his buyout situation. He is currently locked into a five year deal with an NBA buyout of 2.5 million Euros, which is about 3.5 million dollars. He was originally in a two year deal with Real Madrid that made him little money, so he signed a three-year extension, obviously raising his salary and thus, raising his buyout as well. Given his current situation, he's unlikely to come over in the next two to three years, which should do quite harm, whereas he would be better suited dropping out of this year's draft and reapplying in a year or two when he is only a year or two away from coming over to the NBA, and his stock will be higher. And that's exactly what he is leaning towards right now.

By President Corey Ruff - 6-10-11