2011 Draft Turning Point

        The 2011 NBA Draft is a little more than a week away and the pieces are falling into place and becoming a bit clearer through the smokescreens and rumors. Kyrie Irving and Derrick Williams should be taken 1 and 2, it can vary which teams draft them though. We aren't sure if Minnesota, the league's youngest team and a promising frontcourt, will keep No. 2, if Utah will stay at No. 3 or what big man Cleveland is targeting at No. 4. Washington could change the rest of this draft if they want to move up and the real dominoes will start to fall at 8 and 9 when Detroit, followed by Charlotte, with their new GM, Rich Cho, on the clock.

        That being said, the key to this year's draft is Washington State shooting guard Klay Thompson. For months, Alec Burks, the Colorado shooting guard, was the top player at his position, but as he continues to blow teams out of the water with his workouts and interviews, Thompson continues to move on up with several lottery teams and a few more just outside the lottery are looking at Thompson. Starting with Detroit at No. 8 and getting some serious looks from Milwaukee at No. 10, Golden State at No. 11 and Indiana, Philadelphia and New York at 15, 16 and 17 are hoping he will slide.

        Thompson has great size at 6'7" and the sweetest stroke in the draft next to BYU's Jimmer Fredette; he can also slide over and play some point guard, where he has developed a tight handle and a great sense of court vision.

By President Corey Ruff - 6-15-11