Cavs Making Moves

        Armed with two of the draft’s first four picks, Cleveland isn’t done just yet. The Cavs have reached out to several teams in the late-lottery – mid-1st round range to see the cost of acquiring that pick, which could stem from a larger deal including the Cavs 4th overall pick, cash considerations, or Baron Davis/Ramon Sessions, who the team has actively been shopping. Their likely targets here are Congo-born power forward Bismack Biyombo, or defensive blue-chipper Chris Singleton from Florida State or Providence’s Marshon Brooks, the second-leading scorer in college basketball in 2010-11. From one source, the lengthy Biyombo is highest on their board of the three, but Brooks is not far behind.

        Wielding Mo Williams in exchange for Baron Davis and the Los Angeles Clippers’ first round pick gave the Cavs the first overall pick, while their own draft pick was by way of their 19-63 overall record this past season.

By President Corey Ruff - 6-20-11