Draftees To Rethink Draft Decision?

        For any of the players drafted, it's difficult to look back and say leaving school was a bad choice, but for some underclassmen and those that did not hear their name called on draft night, it was and some wish they had the chance to go back and re-do the draft process. The potential of this NBA lockout kept some of the best NBA prospects in school like Harrison Barnes, Jared Sullinger and Perry Jones- and now that it is full-swing, owners are demanding small contract and a hard salary cap, NBA rookies and veterans alike are taking their talents overseas to cash in on a paycheck.

        No one - not the players, owners or league personnel known when or even if the season will start and there is now a realistic possibility that it's all or nothing- a full-season of 82 games or zero. Due to the uncertainty of the NBA lockout, players certainly would have been more weary and stayed in college if there was no NBA season this year. Think freshman like Josh Selby, Cory Joseph and underclassmen like Tyler Honeycutt, Jordan Williams, Trey Thompkins , Darius Morris and Malcolm Lee could have all gone higher with another year of seasoning. And all of these players could be regretting taking the plunge and entering the draft.

ByPresident Corey Ruff - 7-22-11