Elias Harris Staying at Gonzaga?

        This 20-year-old freshman has made quite the impression across the nation this year. Coach Mark Few recruited Harris to play at Gonzaga after spending time with the German National Team for the past few years. The freshman is one of the most underrated players on a rising team (Gonzaga ranks #13 NBA-Draft.com's Top-25), while his draft stock has been soaring for the last month. He is extremely athletic, tough and versatile. He is averaging 21 points and 10 points over his last eight games, showing off his 3-point shooting range and rebounding. So is there a hotter player in the nation amongst NBA scouts and front offices?

    Apparently, it won't even matter this year, because Harris is apparently staying at Gonzaga for his sophomore year. According to Jim Meehan of The Spokesman-Review, who spoke to Harris' German national coach Dirk Bauerman: ""To me, it's very clear. He needs to stay in school and we talked about it and he completely agrees with me. He feels there are a lot of things he can work on before he takes the next step, so that's what the plan is." But Harris also agrees with his former coach and close friend saying, "I try to ignore all the NBA hype and all the rankings stuff because I don't think it's important for me right now… I don't think it's the right time yet."

By Corey Ruff - President - 1-26-10