Living Up To The Potential: Michael Snaer, Florida State

        The former prep All-American came to Tallahassee with as much potential as any other player in the country. He was an explosive offensive player, knocking down jump shots from nearly anywhere on the court with relative ease. His offensive transition to Florida State has not been as easy as many thought, but we expect his junior season will finally be his breakout year.

        As great of an offensive player we know Snaer can be, he immediate impact for FSU will be as the team's lockdown defender- a role left behind by Chris Singleton when he declared for the NBA Draft. Snaer can matchup with either guard in the backcourt- harassing and providing disruptive on the ball defense, but also playing the passing lanes well off the ball.

        As his offensive game finally comes around, Snaer could become the complete player- living up to the potential that Coach Hamilton will require to match last season's 23 wins.

By President Corey Ruff - 11 - 1- 11