Living Up To The Potential: Joe Jackson, Memphis

        Jackson faces the daunting responsibility of leading a top ten preseason team, a team with all five starters returning, including four rising-sophomores gaining valuable experience and some key reserves bouncing back from injury. It's Joe Jackson's job to get this roster into a well-oiled machine.

        When he plays under control, this lightning-quick guard can terrorize defenses by penetrating in the lane and scoring the bucket himself or kicking it out to a Tiger teammate on the wing. But when he plays out of control, as he often does, he plays at one speed- too quickly. He play was plagued last season and even for Team USA in the U19 World Championship with more turnovers than assists and that certainly must change.

With some serious talent on this Memphis roster, even a slight improvement by Jackson in understanding how to use his speed and quickness would greatly improve this C-USA favorite.

By President Corey Ruff - 11 - 7- 11