Living Up To The Potential: Tim Hardaway Jr., Michigan

        Darius Morris' development as a point guard may have been the most surprising (and needed) development for Michigan's 21-win season, but Hardaway's development as an instant scoring threat was just as big of a reason behind the Wolverines' surge.

        Hardaway has a great mid-range game and was very solid from the outside. He was a shooter with deep range that developed into a very good scorer. But without Darius Morris setting up Hardaway as often as he did, Hardaway will be counted on to improve his 59 assists as a sophomore. He will also be counted on for more creativity offensively, needing to become better off the dribble and get to the free-throw line more. Too often, he settled for long-range attempts.

        With four starters returning, Michigan is Hardaway's team for the taking.

By President Corey Ruff - 12 - 6 11