Jayhawks Thomas Robinson Coming Around

        Scouts will always point to his size at 6'8" if front office personnel make an argument for Kansas' junior forward to be mentioned with the likes of top prospects Anthony Davis, Harrison Barnes and Perry Jones III. But there will come a point, where his tremendous production will outweigh his lack of height. And that point is now. Robinson may not have as much upside as a 6'11" physical phenom like Perry Jones III, but the first-year starter for Kansas is by far and away the best rebounder in the country. With his strength and motor, he will be an immediate impact player at the next level.

        Robinson spent the first two seasons in Lawrence, Kansas backing up the Morris twins, two All-Big 12 selections and two mid-first round picks last year. But when he spelled Markieff and Marcus, there was no decline in production as he brought energy, toughness and stellar numbers in just 14 minutes a game. With his burly strength and athleticism, Robinson has the toughness to win battles inside all night long. Will he be able to do this at the next level? Not at the same rate due to his physical and offensive limitations (lack of polish at this point, but continually improving), but Robinson has the ability to wear down the opposition. His motor, strength and athleticism all translate to the next level, but right now, he isn't being mentioned as an elite prospect due to his size; It's a shame because if he was really an inch or two taller, Robinson would be the top pick in the 2012 draft. However, there is no shame in being a top five prospect.

By President Corey Ruff - 1 - 21 - 12