Missouri's Most Important Player

    Not just the most important player on their team, but arguably in the entire nation. The Tigers have a championship-caliber backcourt that gets most of the credit for their hot start and consistent winning, but no player has a bigger impact than center Ricardo Ratliffe. Aside from the fact that he is just one of two players on the roster standing 6'8" or above, Ratliffe's versatility and efficiency is key for this team to make a Final Four run. Without him on the inside, this team may not even be Top 15 worthy.

According to the Player Efficiency Rating system (which takes into account anything and everything from the basics like scoring, rebounding, assists, turnovers, but it measures the statistical production, capable of comparing starters to reserves alike), Ratliffe ranks fifth in the entire country in per-minute production. This is thanks in large part to the senior center maximizing opportunities around the rim where he leads the nation in field-goal percentage- making a ridiculous 77.2 percent of his shots; only once this season has he shot worse than 66.7 percent in a game.

By President Corey Ruff - 1 - 23 - 12