Stock of Marquis Teague

    Part of the problem is that UK point guard Marquis Teague is grouped together with some of the fantastic freshman guards that Coach Calipari brought in before him. Derrick Rose, Tyreke Evans, John Wall and Brandon Knight set the bar quite high. But at the same time, Teague's actual performances have not been that great. In 32 minutes of action a game (team leader), he is averaging 4.4 assists per game compared with 3.0 turnovers. His 10 points per game rank sixth on the team, while his shooting percentages of 41.3 percent from the field and 30.2 percent from 3-point range are the worst on the team. With the exception of two or three games, Teague's field-goal percentage is a downward trend and as I write this, he is coming off of a 4-for-11 shooting performance against Alabama over the weekend and a 1-for-7 disaster against Georgia most recently.

        In a draft void of that elite point guard that the past several have had, Teague has the potential to step-up and be that premier player given his size and quickness, but his amazing lack of production, even with a star-studded lineup such as Kentucky's, has scouts praying that Teague stays in school for at least one more season. They don't want to see him make the mistake of entering the draft, signing with an agent where his talents and potential have him as a second-round pick at this point.

By President Corey Ruff - 1 - 29 - 12