Scouts' feelings on Perry Jones III

        Inconsistency has been the overwhelming theme to the former-Baylor forwards' collegiate playing career. He was a hit-or-miss prospect on most nights depending on the aggressiveness and motor he came out with. Jones is absolutely blessed with size (6'11", 235 pounds), great length and quickness and coveted athleticism, yet has never been able to put his abilities to their best use; in fact, Jones rarely dominated. Most scouts can count on one, maybe both hands, the amount of games he dominated - not exactly what a franchise is looking to spend a high lottery pick on.

        However, based on his skills and abilities, Jones may be the second-most attractive player in their draft behind Anthony Davis. Whether it was a system-issue at Baylor or a personality-issue that caused him to under-produce, that's what teams will need to investigate before investing such a valuable pick in him.

        Jones is the type of player that can be a franchise building-block for the next ten years or he can get everyone in the front office fired. Does the reward outweigh the risk at your pick? That's what teams will be asking themselves.

By President Corey Ruff - 4 - 13 - 12