Market For MSU forward Draymond Green

        At 6'7", 235 pounds, he's an underwhelming athlete. He isn't very tall or quick enough. And to add on, he's a bit of a "tweener", playing a stretch-the-floor 4-man versus a true 3-man on offense and defending mostly power forwards and center in college. So why is Michigan State Forward Draymond Green a first round pick? Simple. Coaches, scouts and front office personnel love the package they get with Green- the immeasurable intangibles. He's a proven winner, helping the Spartans gets to two Final Fours during his tenure, missing one game during in this span, a grand total of 106 wins.

        This rare four-year player has a work ethic off the charts. To best his chances of becoming a future pro, Green has dropped over 30 pounds the last two years, drastically improving his quickness and athleticism to at least mediocre levels compared to his first seasons spent primarily at power forward and even some center. He has spent hours in the gym working on his perimeter game, specifically his ball-handling and jump shot; after making just two 3s combined as a freshman and sophomore, Green accumulated 52 makes as a senior alone. His improved handle and range allowed him to utilize a shot-fake, one-dribble pull-up effectively or use his strong frame to drive the ball all the way to the rim. His versatility is key here- he has the ability to play in the post at 6'7" due to his burly strength, an improving perimeter game to play outside and the court vision to handle the point at times.

        His measurables at the Chicago pre-draft camp in early June will surely come up disappointing by NBA standards, but not unexpected. If front office personnel can scale his intangibles though, he should go somewhere between 20-30 on Draft night.

By President Corey Ruff - 5 - 15 - 12