Andre Drummond Rising To The Top 3

        A slimmed down Andre Drummond (rumored to be down 20-25 pounds) should see a nice boost in his stock over the next month until it's officially draft night with a more athletic, more explosive and more agile 7-footer blowing by opposing defenders, putting home monstrous dunks and gaining better lift to block shots and clean the glass on the defensive end. At just 18 years old, he has the most impressive physical profile in the draft sporting a newly chiseled 6'11, 260-pound frame with a 7'5" wingspan. As a classic project big man, some front offices love that Drummond can be molded with his physical tools and potential into the next great big man. But some scouting personnel are shying away from taking him due to the risk factor. He was wildly inconsistent in his lone season with the Huskies at UConn, butů

        If a team can be patient with Drummond, allow him to learn the game with the help of their coaching staff, and combining that with his improved explosive athleticism and quickness due to his drop in weight, Drummond should make his way into the top three of June's NBA Draft.

By Staff Writer - 5 - 30 - 12