Gorgui Dieng Destined For Lottery in 2013 NBA Draft?

        As a freshman, there wasn't much too him, just a long, lean frame, with plenty of athleticism and shot-blocking. But Gorgui Dieng, Louisville's power forward/center, was oozing with potential if he could fill in some of the blanks that NBA scouts were dreaming of. He was terribly unskilled, lacking almost every hint of an offensive game. He weighed just 205 pounds which certainly didn't help the cause. He shot just 53.8 percent from the foul line and contributed double-digit points just three times in his first year. Fast forward one season to his sophomore year where he recorded 16 games of double-digit scoring, effectively using an added 30 pounds of bulk to operate around the rim, especially as a potent offensive rebounder (3.5 per game) and still has a long ways to go in growing a low-post game. He posted 10 double-doubles and 18 games of 10+ rebounds along with 3.2 blocks per game, 8th in the country.

        With even more muscle to his frame and more time spent in the post, Dieng should start to become more of a factor on offense. He is already an intimidating force in the defensive paint, both on the ball and coming over to reject shots off the help side. Dieng has plenty of room left to progress in his skill set overall, but with his length and athleticism, its very possible for him to rank near the top of the centers prospects next season and fill in at the end of the 2013 NBA Draft Lottery.

By NBA-DRAFT.com Staff Writer - 6 - 1 - 12