Tony Wroten A Bigger Rajon Rondo?

        Wroten, the former-Washington Husky point guard, has as much potential as any other prospect in the 2012 NBA Draft, yet he's difficult to project in mock drafts, currently being slotted in the late teens/early-20s. At 6'6", he's a power player, using his size, strength and craftiness to get into the lane into the heart of the defense. And these traits also make him a potent rebounder for his position (5.0 boards per game).

        Then again, the two major issues holding him back right now are his on-court decision-making and jump shot. His decision-making was up-and-down all season, demonstrating the ability to thread passes through defenses in the air or on the bounce (3.7 assists), and then there are other times where Wroten's passing and over-dribbling put us at a loss for words.

        His jump shot clanks off the rim at all different angles, shooting just 16 percent from 3-point range and only 44.3 percent overall from the field. Haven't we seen this before from a point guard prospect circa 2005-06? Wroten's ability to get into the lane, hit the glass and simultaneously struggle from the outside are similar to that ability that Boston Celtics' Rajon Rondo possesses. Yes, Rondo's college numbers were better across the board (48.2 field-goal percentage, 27.3 percent from 3, 4.9 assists, 6.1 rebounds) and ended up going 21st overall. That's about where Wroten Jr. is slotted right now, but perhaps GMs and front offices will see this 19-year old point guard oozing with potential and won't make that same mistake again and pass on this backcourt prospect.

By Staff Writer - 6 - 11 - 12