Where Does Andre Drummond Fit?

        For a player of Drummond's size, his production projects him to be a late-round pick. However, given his fantastic athletic abilities, management teams and coaching staff from most of the 30 teams across the league believe that can mold the former-UConn Husky into the next great superstar. If there is anyone who can compete with the likes of No. 1 pick Anthony Davis' future, it's Drummond and his Chicago Pre-Draft Combine backs that up.

        Drummond slimmed down his massive frame, chiseling his upper body, while simultaneously improving an already strong athletic set of abilities; his 279 pound weight is the heaviest amongst all center prospects in this year's Draft, but he posted the third-lowest body fat percentage combined with an impressive 6'11.75" height in shoes. But it's his measurements in wingspan (7'6.25") and vertical leap (31.5") that really blew scouts away.

        We have Drummond as a top three player on our Big Board, so where should he realistically fall on Draft night? No one really knows at this point since so much of his high-ranking is based off of his high-ceiling.

        He would be an excellent building-block for Charlotte at No. 2, who most notably posted the league's worst all-time winning percentage in 2011-12, but if Drummond fails to live up to expectations, he could set this franchise back even further.

        At No. 3, Drummond is the rare agile, mobile center that could get up-and-down the floor with speedy point guard John Wall, but the team just acquired Denver-center Nene and already has Andray Blatche locked up for the long-term.

        He would be a great fit in Cleveland's rebuilding project at No. 4 as he would push energy-4-man Anderson Varejao to the bench, while helping to offset the lack of size from Tristan Thompson. His inside-outside offensive skill set would allow him to play in the post, or step outside to screen and roll with 2012 NBA Rookie of the Year, Kyrie Irving.

        If Drummond slips past these three teams, rumor has it Sacramento would take Drummond in a heartbeat. The Kings really struggled protecting the rim with their frontcourt rotations of DeMarcus Cousins, Jason Thompson and Chuck Hayes last season and the UConn freshman could really bolster their efforts. But for a player who has been criticized for his lack of energy and focus, would Sacramento really want to pair him with DeMarcus Cousins?

        If for that sole reason Sacramento must pass on Drummond, his fall will end at No. 6 with Portland on the clock; even though the Trail Blazers narrowly missed the playoffs thanks to some below-average guard play, Drummond's talents will be too much to pass up here. The Greg Oden-project has come to an end and management could pair him with forward LaMarcus Aldridge, a budding star in the league.

By NBA-DRAFT.com Staff Writer - 6 - 14 - 12