Charlotte At No. 2

        Just one month removed from finishing with the NBA's worst- all-time winning percentage, it's no secret the Charlotte Bobcats could use an infusion of talent. And although they didn't win the lottery and the rights to franchise-building block Anthony Davis, they did secure the second overall pick, one that would still be used as an upgrade to the team's roster.

        If the Bobcats stand pat at No.2, productive Kansas forward Thomas Robinson is the pick. He measured out just well enough at 6'9" combined with a lengthy 7'4" wingspan to impact the lineup right away and serve as the starting power forward over mainstays Tyrus Thomas and DJ White.

        However, it's very likely that GM Rich Cho moves the pick for young talent. Cleveland is one potential target for Charlotte's pick while the Cavs' have their sights set on Florida shooting guard Bradley Beal. The Bobcats would still be able to get Thomas Robinson at No. 4, or even UNC swingman Harrison Barnes, while adding a second first-round pick to their arsenal in the deal. Although no trade is imminent, Charlotte is definitely working the phones to maximize their assets received in a deal.

By Staff Writer - 6 - 25 - 12