Elias Harris- First-Round Prospect or Second-Round Bust?

        As a freshman, the German-born forward burst onto the scene, demonstrating good overall size (6'7", 240 pounds), great athleticism and bounce and a versatile skill set; he put up nearly 15 points and 7 rebounds while shooting .547 percent from the field and .451 from 3-point range.

        If he had put his name in the Draft, he surely would have been a first-round pick, but he returned to Gonzaga for a sophomore year with hopes of raising his stock high enough to go in the Draft Lottery. But that didn't happen as a sophomore. Or a junior. His shooting percentages have taken a hit. Playing with an inconsistent point guard didn't help much, but Harris showed a lack of aggressiveness and now scouts are starting to wonder if Harris is just an undersized power forward or can he really play small forward at the next level.

        Although Harris tends to disappear for some stretches of the game, when he does show up, his athleticism and leaping are very prevalent. He'll come out of nowhere to grab an offensive rebound and put it home with a powerful dunk. He can grab the rebound, handle it or outlet it and finish the play in transition. The development of Kevin Pangos at the point will help, but the key is the departure of 7-foot center Robert Sacre, a second-round pick in 2012. Sacre often clogged the lanes where Harris loves to space out and penetrate. That opens the floor for his spot-up perimeter jumper.

        Will he finally put it all together and play to the level we know Harris can? Or will he and his Gonzaga teammates relegate to the new power out West- St. Mary's?

By NBA-DRAFT.com Staff Writer - 7- 6 - 12