Is Wake Forest's Travis McKie The Best Prospect On A Bad Team?

        Few 2013 Draft prospects find themselves in a worse situation than Wake Forest combo-forward Travis McKie. The Demon Deacons finished 2011-12 with four conference wins, tied for last in the ACC, and there isn't much, if any, room for improvement as Wake Forest has lost two starters (one transfer, one graduation) and the combination of starting center of Carson Desrosiers and Ty Walker have also moved on leaving the cupboard awfully barren.

        But, McKie is the team's bright spot so look for him to handle the ball more and continue producing on an All-American-caliber level for the lowly Demon Deacons. As a 6'7" sophomore, McKie played inside-and-out en route to scoring 16.1 points per game, shooting .379 from 3-point range, attempting 156 foul-shots, and hitting the glass for 7 rebounds a game.

        What has scouts excited about McKie is his improving play on the perimeter. As a freshman, he excelled playing out of position as a power forward, but he has steadily worked on his outside shooting accuracy to a more than respectable rate. For a wing, he has just average athleticism, but also makes up for it with very good strength to body up his man on both ends of the floor.

        Watching Wake Forest may be difficult due to their overall lack of talent, but keep an eye on McKie this season.

By Staff Writer - 8- 12 - 12