Adonis Thomas Ready For the Next Step?

        Although the former five-star recruit possesses the size, versatility and athleticism to be one of the very best collegiate players and NBA Draft prospects next season, there's some bust potential there. The 6'6" forward is a burly ball of muscle with the athleticism of a future dunk champion, but he was limited to just 19 games due to injury last season. And even though he is returning the lineup with a full bill of health and more minutes up for grabs (both wings, Will Barton and Wesley Witherspoon, ahead of Thomas on the depth chart have moved on from Memphis).

        After missing 15 games of action, Thomas played in three games to end the season, never scoring more than six points or grabbing more than 2 rebounds. In some summer action, Thomas was 4-of-14 from the floor at the Adidas Nation's College Counselor game, netting 9 points, 2 rebounds total, although he did dish out 6 assists.

        The minutes and potential are there, but can Thomas improve his perimeter game enough and maintain his health to make an impact this year for the Tigers?

By Staff Writer - 8- 13 - 12