UK's Willie Cauley Not A One-And-Done

        It seems rarer to actually return to school for a second season nowadays as opposed to leaving early for the Draft. But Willie Cauley, an elite-level center prospect at Kentucky, is one of those players. While expected to play the "Daniel Orton" to Nerlens Noel's "DeMarcus Cousins", it may just be that neither player touches those expectations this season.

        A brief note on Noel- he certainly doesn't have the body, physicality or skill set of the aforementioned Cousins, and has thus struggled over the summer thus far.

        Cauley certainly isn't a weight room monger either- standing at 6'10", 215 pounds. He will likely play that support role as a reserve given Noel's and Kyle Wiltjer's better credentials, but game play suggest Cauley is at least one year away, possibly two from hitting his stride.

        He was 1-of-7 from the floor in one game and 3-of-5 in a second, totaling 10 points and 11 rebounds combined, but looking very much outmatched during two Adidas Nations' games this summer. Getting matched up with 2013 draft lottery-type talents, Isaiah Austin of Baylor, Duke's Mason Plumlee and Pitt's Steven Adams certainly didn't help Cauley's cause very much. But he still has a long way to go before we can consider Cauley as a favorable prospect.

By Staff Writer - 8- 13 - 12