Is Andre Roberson A First-Round Talent?

        The statistics back up his production, motored by hustled and tremendous athleticism, but is Colorado wing Andre Roberson a first-round, potentially even lottery-type talent that he is being tabbed as? At 6'7", 210 pounds, Roberson has the length and explosiveness of a top-five caliber pick on the wing. He has a relentless motor, giving way to lockdown potential on the defensive end of the floor, but a tremendous rebounding capacity as well, which is perhaps the most transferrable skill to the NBA-level; he was third in the college ranks in rebounds as a wing, averaging 11.1 per game.

        But Roberson lacks refined skill on the offensive end of the floor. While he is aggressive attacking the basket off-the-bounce, he cannot create space with his own dribble, unable to create his own shot and even if he did, his inaccuracies from the perimeter suggest he would miss the shot anyway. But even despite the drastic lacking of skill on the offensive end, scouts love his ability to impact the game as a disruptive force on the defensive end. If Roberson can show even a slight improvement in perimeter shooting, he should be a lottery lock in the 2013 NBA Draft.

By Staff Writer - 8- 15 - 12