Dario Saric Takes Home MVP In U-18 European Championships

        No surprise, but Dario Saric, the 6'10" Croatian forward, dominated the competition, playing all five positions on the floor for his home country as he took home the MVP honors and the gold medal for the Tournament.

        Confirming what many scouts knew already, Saric is beyond the best in his class, if not the best player in Europe right now. Saric scored 39 points in the final against Lithuania, bringing his U-18 European Championships averages to 23.7 points, 10 rebounds and 3.7 assists and is certainly moving up the ranks into a top five pick as a future NBA player. He scored at will, utilizing his size inside when matched up against 4s or 5s, or he used his smoother athleticism, footwork, length and quickness when Saric was on the perimeter. Defenders simply couldn't contend with the MVP.

        While Saric continues to dominate his current competition, it should be noted that he still needs to get stronger to adjust to the defense at the next level. It was also brought to our attention that Saric does not possess the best attitude as he was a part of several arguments during the Tournament with the referees.

By NBA-DRAFT.com Staff Writer - 8- 31 - 12