Back On USC's DeWayne Dedmon Bandwagon?

        Last season, USC Trojan center, DeWayne Dedmon, a 7-footer from JuCo, was one of our national breakout candidates with (late) first-round potential. But when Dedmon suffered injuries throughout the year, his development was curtailed and USC's season was in jeopardy. If Dedmon can stay healthy, even with a skill set as raw as Dedmon's, expect him to use his size, agility and quickness to be one of the nation's premier shot blockers with a refined offensive game.

        Dedmon desperately needs to gain experience, but showed great promise in limited action in 2011-12, averaging 7.6 points and 5.5 rebounds. Don't expect too much more than that offensively from him- a high shooting percentage and about 10 points per game. But his rebounding rates should climb, nearing double-figures and he is expected to lead the Pac-12 in blocks per game. Again, the key is health and gaining experience and developing slowly, but if he can achieve these goals, Dedmon has the size and potential that NBA scouts dream of.

By Staff Writer - 9 - 21 - 12