Jelan Kendrick Re-Emerges At UNLV

        Former top recruit and former member of the Memphis Tigers and then Ole Miss Rebels, Jelan Kendrick, has re-emerged at UNLV and will be eligible in the 2013-14 season with two years remaining.

        The talented 6'7" wing began his career in Memphis, but never played a game for the Tigers. Ole Miss rolled the dice on Kendrick, where he lasted one season, averaging just 5.1 points per game before a suspension ended his career as at Ole Miss. Kendrick is hoping for a clean slate and a chance to showcase his talents in front of NBA scouts perhaps one last time; many are already turned off by Kendrick's lack of immaturity and behavioral problems, moreso than his lack of production for a player filled with such talent.

By Staff Writer - 10 - 27 - 12