Early NBA Season Surprises

        The biggest surprise of this early NBA season could be that Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard and the L.A. Lakers start the season 0-3.  Kobe Bryant hasn't disappointed to start the season scoring 22, 30 and 40. The Lakers newest big man hasn't been a disappointment if you look at his stats but, it's hard to argue their 0-3 record isn't the biggest disappointment so far. Just know that Head Coach Mike Brown and his Princeton style offense is on a very short leash.

        Another nice storyline is that The Rockets James Harden has lead the Rockets to a 2-0 start. Harden has scored 37 and 45 points to start the season. The new $80 million dollar man has sure looked like an acquisition at a bargain price so far.  Another new member of the Rockets has been a welcome addition.  Former Bulls big man OmerAsik was already  considered a tough rebounding machine with limited offensive skills. So far this season he has proved to be the same. Omer is still young and raw but the Rockets are happy with his contributions so far judging by their 2-0 record.

By Steven Spector - 11 - 3 - 12