Will Georgetown's Offense Lead To Their Demise?

        The Hoyas are ranked in the Top 15 nationally in the lastest polls, stymying teams with a dangerous combination of tenacious team defense and clock-controlling half court offensive sets. After their 7-1 start, Georgetown ranks 10th in the country in points allowed per game (54.1) by holding opponents to just 36.9 percent shooting from the floor- 24th in the country. But what will happen when Georgetown meets that high-powered offensive team running on all cylinders? Do they have enough offense to churn out a victory?

        Through eight games, Georgetown is averaging just 62.2 points per game, 275th in the country. Although the Hoyas are efficient in their Princeton-style offense, they just are not aggressive enough for postseason success. They hit the offensive glass at one of the worst rates in college basketball, and its not just because John Thompson III often never sends anyone to attack for second-chance opportunities, Georgetown has plenty of opportunities for extra possessions, ranking 245th in offensive efficiency and 188th in true shooting percentage. In the event that they get burned for a few backdoor cuts and give up easy baskets on the defensive end, Georgetown simply does not have the offense to mount a comeback attack.

By NBA-DRAFT.com Staff Writer - 12 -10 - 12