Tarik Black Crucial To Memphis' Success

        Memphis has always relied on pure athleticism, rather than actual skill. But this year, Josh Pastner has arguably his most talented team even with the losses of Will Barton and Wesley Witherspoon in the offseason. Black's size and strength allow him to be a viable, consistent offensive option in the post, which helps combat the largely inconsistent guard play the Tigers have had so far. If Joe Jackson or Chris Crawford can bring the ball up the count and get into the halfcourt offensive setting, then Memphis has a chance to be successful. But if they continue to let Adonis Thomas, a power forward in a small forward's frame, or Antonio Barton, who is nowhere near as skilled as his brother, then the Tigers will continue to disappoint and perhaps relinquish their C-USA crown.

By NBA-DRAFT.com Staff Writer - 12 -10 - 12