Why Ohio State Is Overrated

        It's difficult to imagine that a Top 10 team can be overrated, especially with just one loss to a complete Duke team, but even at 6-1, Ohio State should neither be considered a national nor Big Ten title contender.

        Ohio State ranks 6th in the country in assist-to-turnover ratio with a stellar 1.6 mark, with two players averaging better than 4 assists per game and no player on the roster averaging more than 2 turnovers per game. Simply put, this team churns out effectiveness on both ends of the floor. Productive on the offensive end, but even more so on the defensive end with athletes on the wing and All-American caliber point guard Aaron Craft hawking opposing ball-handlers.

        That's the good. The bad, and the reason why Ohio State is dangerous to both upset a top team and get upset on any given night is the fact that Ohio State's shot distribution from "at the rim", "2-point jumpers" and "3-point shots" are nearly all in unison at 33%, Ohio State is extremely reliant on the jump shot and not enough on scoring at the rim. This is in large part to a big man, like former high-school All-American, Amir Williams, not even coming remotely close to filling in the massive shoes of Jared Sullinger. But this is also due to the activity or inactivity of Deshaun Thomas on the offensive end. He is extremely inconsistent shooting the ball, often settling for jump shots rather than using his size, athleticism and versatility to score in or around the rim. He has a tendency to take the Buckeyes out of their offensive rhythm and take too many shots early in the shot clock.

By NBA-DRAFT.com Staff Writer - 12 -16 - 12