Scouts Big Question For Baylor's Isaiah Austin

        There's no doubt that the interest is there for Baylor's 7-foot center as a future NBA Lottery Pick. He possesses elite size, length, athleticism and perimeter skills. But are Austin's perimeter skills, an aspect that makes him unique as a prospect, also his biggest weakness?

        It's concerning that despite his massive size and length, Austin is attempting just 32 percent of his field-goal attempts at the rim. Granted, he struggles to maintain post positioning given a lack of strength, but nearly 70 percent of his field goal attempts are jump shots outside of the paint and he is not shooting particularly well enough to like this.

        Due to the fact that Austin finishes nearly everything he touches at the rim (86 percent shooting), we can obviously question Scott Drew's coaching tactics as we have done in the past with Perry Jones, but Austin needs to spend more time in the paint, develop low-post scoring moves and counter moves and obviously hit the weight room. A player of his size and skill should not be spending as much time outside of the paint as he does. If he is able to start to put his skill set together, Austin is a legitimate top prospect that will get looks from  the team with the #1 overall 2013 Draft pick.

By Staff Writer - 12 -17 - 12