Under-The-Radar Big Men On A Roll

        There are several second-round/undrafted frontcourt prospects making a name for themselves right now, sending scouts all across their region to get a first-hand look at some of these bigs. Let's take a look at some of the rising players eligible for the 2013 NBA Draft that aren't as heralded as others.

Josh Scott, Colorado

The widely-overlooked freshman playing out West stands 6'10" and is listed at 215 pounds, although he may be closer to 200. Scott is an athletic power forward with a great finesse game and almost no power-aspect to his game based on his lack of strength. While every shot is a baby hook shot or fade-away out of the post, Scott has a great feel for the game and touch around the rim. His high basketball IQ and demonstrated work ethic thus far make him a future first-round pick if he stays in school and works on greatly improving his strength, especially in his lower body. If he were to come out this season, he would be a second-rounder.

Brock Motum, Washingon State

There may not be a more underrated big at this point in the season than Washington State's Brock Motum. The burly 6'10", 245-pound Australian is off to a fast start, averaging 20 points per game on the year and 25 in the last five. What makes Motum an especially nice prospect is his propensity to score both inside and out as he is shooting 51 percent from the floor and has 11 3-point makes in 11 games, 9 in the last four alone.

Aziz N'Diaye, Washington

There is a lot to like about N'Diaye physically: 7-feet tall, excellent length, good overall strength and very athletic for such an imposing player. Of course, at first glance of playing time, you can also notice how raw and still uncoordinated the senior is. Even still, by improving his game over the summer and fall, N'Diaye's developing skills are impressive. He has scored in double-figures in four straight games, recording a double-double in under 30 minutes of action against Seattle late in the week.

Keith Clanton, UCF

The senior Golden Knight does not have much of a supporting cast this season, but is making the most of his increased touches. With a 14-for-15 shooting performance in a win over Bethune-Cook, the 6'8" power forward bettered his field-goal accuracy mark to a near-off-the-charts .627. Clanton's 3-point accuracy has taken a dip through the season's first 7 games, but he has cut his attempts in half from a year ago and has nearly doubled up his post-possessions on offense. On the year, he is averaging 17.5 points and 11 rebounds, impressive measures by any means, especially with the defensive focus he has been receiving.

Eric Moreland, Oregon State

The versatile 6'10" power forward for the Beavers has been on a tear this season, scoring half as many points in 12-13 already as he did through 36 games in 11-12. Moreland has developed a bit of a perimeter game to keep defenses honest, but has been tremendously effective in scoring in the paint this season and this increase in touch around the rim, has Moreland's scoring up to 9.5 points per game. But defensively is where Moreland's biggest impact can be felt. His 7.6 defensive rebounds per game are 14th in the country and 3.4 offensive boards per game are a strong figure as well. If Moreland can add some strength to his 215-pound lanky frame and continue to hone his offensive skills, he should be a second-round pickup.

By NBA-DRAFT.com Staff Writer - 12 -17 - 12