Joe Jackson's Up And Down Play Hurts Memphis

        Joe Jackson went from starting point guard to buried on the bench in just a few games to start the season and just as this Tiger was starting to earn his stripes again with coach Josh Pastner, his turnovers and shot selection continue to be his demise.

        As quick and as dynamic as any player in the country, Jackson is also right up there with some of the worst decision-making players as well. He is on pace to set a career-mark in turnover percentage at 29.7, which means that nearly one-third of the time Jackson is handling the ball, it's going to result in a turnover. In his last two games, Jackson has 14 total turnovers, a shockingly high total no matter the competition.

        But as bad as Jackson can be with the rock, he is as electric as they come. In the same two game span, he is 12-of-17 from the field, 3-of-4 from 3, attacking the heart of the defense, getting out in transition and keeping the opponents on their heels.

        Joe Jackson is a risk-taker. A coach will live or die by his play-making. He can get in a rhythm, knock down perimeter jumpers or find the open man in transition. Or he can make head-scratching passes, take long 2-point jumpers and reach in on defense too often.

By Staff Writer - 12 -20- 12