Oklahoma's Amath M'Baye A Disappointment

        The long, lean athlete, capable of playing both forward spots for the Oklahoma Sooners became eligible after sitting out last season due to the NCAA's transfer regulations from Wyoming. M'Baye has the size of an NBA power forward and the skills and athleticism of a future 3-man, which had scouts all over M'Baye during his sophomore year at Wyoming and buzzing about him at Oklahoma. But, thus far, M'Baye has showed, he has quite a long way to go before being considered an NBA Draft pick.

        Seen as a staple in the frontcourt, capable of leading the team in scoring and rebounding, M'Baye is averaging a pedestrian 9.4 points and 6.2 rebounds for the Sooners. This is particularly concerning given the success of the junior forward in scrimmages sponsored by the adidas camp over the summer. Through 9 games, he has yet to his a 3-point shot and is shooting just .457 percent from the field-overall. He has a tendency to disappear from games, not just settling for perimeter jumpers, but just looking lost out there on both ends of the floor.

        From what we have seen of M'Baye so far, he needs at least one more year of schooling. The athleticism and physical profile is outstanding, but the skills are lacking right now.

By NBA-DRAFT.com Staff Writer - 12 -25- 12