Brandon Paul's Biggest Weakness

        Across scouts across the country, many are warming up to the idea  that Illinois guard Brandon Paul as a first-round NBA Draft pick. Through his first 3 seasons, the 6'4" guard was a 37.5 percent shooter from the floor, thanks in large part to a shot selection that always had the green light. This season, Paul is playing with more aggressiveness, settling for less jump shots and putting the ball on the floor more and getting into the mid-range and paint. His field-goal percentage has shot up to 44 percent and his free-throw rate is a career-high. But, Paul is still plagued by these poor decisions that could make or break his draft stock.

        Paul is one of the most polarizing figures in the 2013 NBA Draft. He has superior athletic abilities and scoring instincts and aggressiveness matched by few, if any wings. But with nearly 3.5 turnovers per game and countless long 3-point shots or settling for contested jumpers. He can soar above the defense for an alley-oop or knock down a 28-foot 3-pointer and seemingly negate that with a no-look pass out of bounds or contested 22-foot shot early in the shot clock.

        Brandon Paul's NBA potential as a shooting guard cannot be denied, but scouts question whether the decision-making and maturity will ever improve.

By Staff Writer - 1 -6- 13